" The Best Guitar repair experience I've ever had...."

- Stevie G., Musician

Joe Zimmerman was selected as the Luthier for the Ford Focus Orchestra project, designing the necks for all string instruments.

Video 1: Joe Z. Builds Guitar from Car Parts Video 2: Ford Focus Orchestra Video 3: Session - Joe Z.'s Stringed Instruments

Joe a Master Luthier* with over 30 yrs. experience building stringed instruments

*An authorized service center for: Fender(Guild, Jackson,and Tacoma),Gibson, Epiphone,Washburn,  Oscar Schmidt, Ovation, Alvarez, Yairi, Warwick, BC Rich, OLP, Ibanez, Taylor, and Others.

*An Authorized BUZZ FEITEN installer.

*Repairs on all stringed instruments, no job too big or small.

*Free estimates

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